Quilt Preparation - Piecing



  • Press all seams accordingly as you are piecing.  If they do not lay  flat this will cause folds and bunching on the top of your quilt.
  • Make sure all seams are secure
  • Clip all loose/long thread tails on the front and back of top.  Dark threads may shadow under lighter fabrics.
  • Puckers, tucks, and fullness cannot be quilted out.
  • Remove all pins.
  • If quilt top is directional, mark the top with a safety pin.
  • Press the top from the front side, taking care not to stretch and distort.


  • Your quilt should be as square as possible.  We will center and  square the top to the machine and back fabric.  We take every effort to  keep your top straight by following ruler guides and the lines of your  quilt top.


  • Backing needs to be 5" larger on each side than the quilt top (60X60" top would have a backing that is 70" x 70
  •   When seaming the backing on larger quilts, the back will lay nicer if the seams are horizontal to the top. I have found that a vertical seam has a tendency to “draw” in the middle of larger quilts when rolling it onto the frame.

Files coming soon.

Price List

We strive to have a two week turnaround for E2E quilting!